A New Beginning. Another Blog.

I must admit, I've been a bit influenced by reading Jim Shooter's blog.

He's been doing a lot of reminiscing over at his site for awhile now, and it got me thinking about the early days when I was just breaking in, to the days, and years, that followed.

I've got a lot of stories about working in comic books also.

Some of you know that I get up early, 4am, lately tho, it's been around 5am.
Still, early.
In those early hours before anyone else is up, I check email from over nite and read some news, and perhaps get in a card game of hearts or spades on yahoo, to help wake me up.

I've also been inspired to do more writing lately, I'm not sure why?
Perhaps turning 50 this past May, I'm facing "true" middle age and mortality. 

At least on this earth.

So I stumbled upon a post by Jim one day and subscribed to his blog. I began to enjoy reading about Marvel before he was "editor in chief" and upon his taking the reigns and all sorts of other 'inside' stories to boot.

I decided it might be fun for me to use some of my mornings to write about my years in comics. I'm not sure if I will follow a time-line or just go where the stories want to take me. But I figure I'll write when the inspiration and the story comes to me.

Are you ready?

I am.


Jeff Whiting said...

I've enjoyed reading Shooter's blog as well. Good luck!

William McMahon said...

I'll be following. I wish my schedule was matching up more with yours these days! God Bless!!

Little John said...

Indeed! Bring on the stories.

Jerry Ordway said...

Hey John, great to see these! Remember to copy these posts into a word file, so you can compile your autobiography as well as save it for posterity. Can't wait until you get to us on a three way call to Mike Carlin's answering machine in the late hours! It was our radio show:) Until he got really annoyed with us. Jer

John Beatty said...


I'm actually writing them in a word program, so I am trying to put together something that could be expanded to a book!

Yeah, the radio show was fun...I think those days in the comic business are gone.

Carlin 'gets' it, I'm afraid to many people today are a bit to up-tight about 'fun'?

I'll be skipping around a bit, not sure if the time line will fall in place, but that's why the writing in another place, so I could catalog them into a outline for further use. Thx, for dropping by.

Thx to everyone who has dropped by so far. It's going to be a fun journey for me, and hopefully for those who ever wondered what it was 'really' like back in the day! ;-)